How Can You Be a Wise Voter

Through your lifetime, there comes a time you have to make decisions and elect people who will be your leaders either as a student leader or country leaders. Being a voter, you have to make a wise decision when it comes to those whom you have to put in power. There is a wide array of factors to consider when choosing one thing over another. To ensure you make the wise decision when selecting your leaders, comprehend the following points;

To assure that you don’t regret your actions after putting that person in power, use your instincts to decide with a clear path, more so with person inclined towards improving the nation’s well-being. Even before you go voting you already have in mind what direction you want your country to take. Take your time to go through the contestant’s manifestos, check for realistic points and don’t fall for too good deals. As a voter, you must know where your nation needs to be or what your country wants to be – read about 4 amendments about voting.

Choose those leaders who will make sober decisions and build the nation towards an independent economy, shunning away from depending from foreign support or grants. Examine your leaders based on their capability to lead reasonably and have good traits when it comes to accountability.

Take your time to get enough information, be of sovereign and rational mind as you drop your vote. Do your math on cost and benefits of voting that leader in power. A wiser voter makes the decision only after getting real facts about the leader or subject in question without getting influenced by any external forces, be it money or rumor mongers. Always focus on having a leader who will make you proud of who you are and your nation. A wiser will try distance himself or herself from factors attributed to socio-demographic like issue positions, media, party identification, family and candidates image.

It is also important to be mature while voting. These involve the capacity to self-critic, examining your situation and reflecting on what you want to be done to make life better. A wise voter should be able to put things into perspective and question your own decisions. Don’t be satisfied with just making a choice based on general issues. Check your decision, see what other voters have decided and if your points are legit, then you can sweet talk your fellow voters to join your side on the decision making.

Stand firm with your decision even when asked publicly, avoid flowing with the masses, they are not always right unless you are on the same side ideologically. Vote for a person whom you will always be proud of to have voted even when things get bitter you will still have reasons why you voted him or her in.

A wiser voter always learns from his or her wrong decisions and puts this as a lesson learned and never to repeat. When carrying out the exercise follow instructions to ensure that your vote counts and brings in the leader you want!